A Steampunk Infused Coffee Shop focused on Community

-Dapper Cat Coffee Project-
The only local coffee shop in South Central Wichita!

The mission of the Dapper Cat is to provide a unique and comfortable opportunity for community via delicious coffee drinks and a steampunk atmosphere.


We are based in a neighborhood that is looked at with disdain due to high levels of poverty, crime, homelessness, and prostitution. Our hope is that by establishing a positive business that welcomes all into community, we can change the stigma that the South Central Neighborhood has on it from one of darkness and scarcity, to one of light and uniqueness.


  Dapper Cat Coffee provides caffeinated beverages in the form of drip coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, etc., as well as fresh fruit smoothies and baked goods in partnership with a local bakery. We believe that the combination of coffee, treats, and a good atmosphere helps to foster relationships and community. This then contributes to changing people's perceptions of a particular area.


Meet the team

Lydia Mettee


Coffee enthusiast, Knitter of hats, Lover of pit bulls.


Jonathan Mettee

Tech Extraordinaire

Board game genius, Star Wars nerd, Loves tacos



Lover of birds, Destroyer of water glasses, Alarm clock


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